Sarahah Exposed Messages

Sarahah Exposed is one of the many sites working hard to expose the identities of the people using the Sarahah messaging app.  Didn’t we learn this lesson with Snapchat? Anything that can be engineered can be reverse engineered.  Snapchat was created as a private image sharing app.  Today, Snapchat is just asa public as any other social media network.

Sarahah posted a message on Twitter that will most likely be used in court one day.  In the tweet they explained that the Sarahah exposed rumors were fake.  The potential problem that the company has not considered is an inside threat.  As the company grows they will have to employ more people.  When you expand, you’re more exposed to risks.

Sarahah Exposed Messages
Sarahah Exposed Messages

A Sarahah employee could get upset one day and reveal the company’s private information.  There are people that commit horrific crimes so there are systems in place that can reveal any information law enforcement wants to know.  If you think the following tweet is true you’re in for a serious reality check.

People have found ways to accomplish impossible tasks using technology.  When a company claims to be safe many consider this a challenge.

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