Mystikal Suicide? Dead?

The rumor that Mystikal committed suicide is false.  The rapper is sought by police for an alleged rape.  Independent reports that an arrest warrant was issued in connection to a sexual assault from 2016.  DNA evidence at the scene implicates Mystikal and a woman who may have been involved.

Mystikal fans remember his "Murderer" track from Mind of Mystikal.  In the song, the rapper expresses the pain he felt after his sister was murdered by her former lover.  The track makes it difficult to believe that Mystikal would rape a woman for the second time.  He spent 6 years in jail after being charged with rape in 2003.

Mystikal Suicide? Dead?
Mystikal Suicide? Dead?

The following tweet explains that Mystikal's talent will go to waste because he keeps making mistakes.  If I spent 6 years in prison for rape I would never commit the crime again.  Mystikal didn't learn his lesson and doesn't value his freedom.

The tweet below explains that it would be sad if the rapper actually killed himself but if he raped another woman that's even sadder.  No means no.  Don't risk your freedom for a moment of satisfaction.

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