Kevin Hart Cheated On Ex-Wife With Eniko Parrish

Torrei Hart never bites her tongue.  In the video at the end of this article, she calls out Kevin’s current wife, Eniko Hart.  Eniko claims that she was never Kevin’s side chick but Torrei explains that the dates don’t match up.  Kevin used to talk about his cheating ways during his stand ups.  Eniko is now pregnant so I guess she’s feeling herself.

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BET reports that Kevin Darnell Hart has married his “Rib”, Eniko Parrish.  The comedian chose a powerful nickname for his new wife.  Your ribs not only protect your heart, you wouldn’t be able to breathe without them.  So who was there to protect the comedian’s ex-wife and the mother of his kids when he was cheating on her?

According to People the 37-year-old married Eniko, who is 31, in California.  His ex-wife, Torrei Hart, explains that Parrish is the woman that he cheated with.  If you’ve been keeping up with the Starz series Power you understand how difficult this entire situation has to be on Kevin’s kids.

Kevin Hart Cheated, Eniko Parrish
Kevin Hart Cheated, Eniko Parrish

James “Ghost” St. Patrick cheated on his wife, and the mother of his children, Tasha St. Patrick.  James doesn’t understand how selfish he is being until his son, Tariq, explains exactly how he truly felt about James leaving the family to be with Angie. “I was just angry.  You move out, you make us meet Angela, and you move in with her and you don’t even talk to us about it, like, what kind of father does that?”

Starz Power
Starz Power

If you’ve ever heard a Kevin Hart interview, you know that he’s not shy about letting the world know that he has everything figured out.  He contributes his success to outthinking his competition.  This skill will come in handy in a few years when his son, Hendrix, is old enough to ask him why he abandoned his family to be with his side chick.  Until then, we wish the couple the best!

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