Emmaly Lugo Baby Daddy

Emmaly Lugo's baby daddy is Larry Fitzgerald, wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals.  Emmaly was seen on VH1's new series, Baller Wives.  She gets mad at Crystal Marie because she claims that Crystal slept with Larry back in the day.  Crystal gets mad and starts screaming at Emmaly.  The ladies eventually calm down and agree to disagree.

Emmaly visits Michael Vick's wife, Kijafa to workout.  Kijafa is pregnant and wants to stay fit.  The doctors tell Kijafa that her pregnancy could be dangerous but she's looking forward to giving birth.  Emmaly tells Kijafa that her baby father has been neglecting their child.  Someone asked him about their child and he said he didn't know what they were talking about.

Emmaly Lugo Baby Daddy
Emmaly Lugo Baby Daddy

Larry Fitzgerald may have the same lawyer as Dwyane Wade and Dwight Howard.  When the NBA star's baby mamas appeared on Basketball Wives they weren't allowed to say Dwyane or Dwight's names.  VH1 has come a very long way and athletes may want to reconsider their gag orders.

Basketball Wives and Baller Wives may help the careers of professional athletes, gaining them more exposure.  When Love and Hip Hop first came out, many rappers didn't want to be associated with the series but things have changed.  Rappers like Cardi B have paved the way.

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