Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Preview Season 6

The preview for Love and Hip Hop Atlanta‘s sixth season reunion is at the end of this article.  Scroll down to check it out.  Rasheeda has been through the most this season and she’s seen crying in the preview.  Kirk Frost blames Love and Hip Hop Atlanta for ruining his relationship.  Sorry Kirk, that’s a horrible excuse.

Kirk should have been a man and told Rasheeda that he was Kannon’s father as soon as he found out.  Instead Kirk decided to play games.  He had the world believing that Logan could have been Kannon’s father.  I feel sorry for Kannon.  He’ll watch season 6 of the series when he’s older and wonder why his dad claimed that he wasn’t his biological father.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Preview Season 6
Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Preview Season 6
Love and Hip Hop transformed Kirk into Stevie J.  When we first met Kirk Frost he was boring.  Viewers wanted to see Stevie’s love triangle with Mimi and Joseline.  Six seasons later, Kirk’s the man.  Him and Rasheeda should get a spinoff series.
#LHHATL will have to find some new talent for the show’s next season.  Lil Scrappy has joined the cast of Love and Hip Hop Miami.  VH1 couldn’t wait for #LHHATL to end.  As soon as the last episode aired a special episode of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood aired.

What did you think about season 6 of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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