Taquari Hatch – Lil Boosie Brother

Lil Boosie’s brother, Taquari Hatch, stole more than $360,000 from him.  He did so by making fraudulent wire transfers.  He was most likely hoping Boosie’s cancer diagnosis would make him unable to pay attention to his funds.  Boosie has been looking better than ever and his brother could end up serving some serious time.

Taquari slipped up by mentioning his wife and the bank knew that Boosie wasn’t married.  Taquari’s mistake was a blessing in disguise.  If he wasn’t caught, he may have ended up stealing more than $1 million from his older brother.  If his brother was a part of his management team he could argue that the money was being transferred for business.

Taquari Hatch Lil Boosie Brother
Taquari Hatch Lil Boosie Brother

These charges should have come a long time ago.  Last year, Boosie revealed that someone stole money from his account via Instagram.  He claimed that Capital One was unprofessional but it looks like Boosie is the one who was actually unprofessional.  The rapper should have had people watching people.  His accountant should have been watching his funds and he should have made stronger relationships with the bank’s employees.
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Boycott Breakfast Club – Transgender, Lil Duval

Lil Duval’s comments during a recent Breakfast Club interview has people boycotting the radio show.  The comedian said that he would kill a transgender person if the individual tricked him into sleeping with him.  Charlamagne laughed at Duval but did tell him that he couldn’t say that because it would be a hate crime.

DJ Envy and Angela Yee were laughing.  Each time we think we’re making progress something like this happens.  Transgender rights are human rights, there is no separation.  You’re free to think anyway you want but once you share your ignorant mindset with the world you will be held accountable.

Boycott Breakfast Club Transgender Lil Duval
Boycott Breakfast Club Transgender Lil Duval

The timing of news these days is amazing.  R. Kelly and Usher made headlines within days of each other and now it’s Bobby Valentino and Lil Duval.  The tweet below explains that the same individuals who are dragging Duval were laughing at Bobby V.

The tweet above makes sense but that doesn’t mean Duval shouldn’t be called out for his ignorant comments.  We all need to check ourselves to make sure we’re not judging others.

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Jukebox, Power – Anika Noni Rose, Spoilers

If you haven’t seen episode 6 of Power‘s fourth season, “New Man” please stop reading because this article contains spoilers.  Jukebox from Power aka Rose from The Quad gets shot and killed in the “New Man” episode of Power.  50 Cent always finds a way to ruin someone’s life.  His character on the series, Kanan, shoots and kills Jukebox.

Anika Noni Rose was born on September 6, 1972 and is currently 44-years-old.  She started acting in high school and then earned a theatre degree from Florida A&M University.  She’s one of the most talented actresses on the planet.  She plays a boss on The Quad and she played a lesbian boss on Power.

Jukebox Power Anika Noni Rose Spoilers
Jukebox Power Anika Noni Rose Spoilers

Jukebox and Kanan held Ghost’s son, Tariq, for ransom but Kanan can’t be trusted.  Kanan makes Ghost rob his own stash house.  This will definitely make life difficult for Tommy.  Ghost may have to go back to the streets to pay back the money he had to give Kanan.

Kanan didn’t care about his own son, Shawn, because he was “soft.” He cares about Ghost’s son, Tariq and finally tells him the truth.  Jukebox threatens to kill Tariq so Kanan kills her.

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Bobby Valentino – Transgender? Gay?

The video at the end of this article claims that Bobby Valentino refused to pay a transgender for services.  The video is causing people to believe that Bobby V. is gay.  I doubt the rumors are true.  Bobby has too much money to be leaving without paying for anyone’s services.  The singer has been working hard since the 90s.

In 2015, there were rumors that Bobby was dating Jhonni Blaze.  Their relationship didn’t work out.  Jhonni was recently spotted on a date with Empire‘s Bryshere Y. Gray.  The video shows the woman kicking Bobby out an apartment.  This month has been crazy: First R. Kelly, then Usher and now Bobby Valentino.

Bobby Valentino Transgender? Gay?
Bobby Valentino Transgender? Gay?
The following tweet calls black people out for the way in which they’re handling this situation.  While I agree that being transphobic is wrong, I expected this reaction.  If Bobby didn’t want this information to leak he should have paid his debts.

If you’re not familiar with Bobby V., some the singer’s most popular songs include “Slow Down”, “Anonymous” and “Pimpin All Over The World.”

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Spurs Offer For Kyrie Irving

The San Antonio Spurs were one of the many teams that made a trade offer for Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving.  The details of the trade were not released but the Spurs most likely offer Danny Green, Dejounte Murray and LaMarcus Aldridge for Iman Shumpert and Kyrie Irving.  The Cavs rejected the offer and Kyrie is still in Cleveland.

LeBron James recently recruited Derrick Rose to Cleveland but the Cavs will need more help than that if they plan to beat the Golden State Warriors.  James isn’t the young, injury-free player he used to be.  If the Cavaliers don’t receive a top-notch player for Kyrie and lose LeBron next year, they’ll be one of the worse teams in the league.

Spurs Offer For Kyrie Irving
Spurs Offer For Kyrie Irving

I think Kyrie will end up in New York, playing alongside Carmelo Anthony.  If he thinks life as a Cavalier was bad, life with the Knicks will be horrible.  James has made everyone hate Dan Gilbert.  James is one of the players who exercised his rights and Kyrie is doing the same.  If there’s one person you shouldn’t feel sorry for in this situation it’s LeBron James.

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