Draymond Green - LeBron James Beef

The "beef" between Draymond Green and LeBron James is weak.  The NBA has changed and I don't like it.  NBA beef was once as real as hip hop beef.  The Chicago Bulls and Detroit Pistons hated each other.  The same was true with the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics.  Scroll down to the Instagram post to see the beef between Draymond and LeBron.

Violence is wrong but the NBA is soft.  The video at the end of this article shows Draymond and LeBron getting haircuts together.  Draymond and LeBron's relationship reminds me of Michael Jordan's relationship with Charles Barkley.  Mike and Chuck are close friends but Mike made sure Chuck never won a championship.

Draymond Green LeBron James Beef
Draymond Green LeBron James Beef

Draymond posted the following pic explaining that James went bald after losing to the Golden State Warriors:

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LeBron responded with the following Instagram post:

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Draymond's post was weak and LeBron's response wasn't funny.  Draymond's Quickie shirt was also a reach.  The Ultimate Warrior shirt LeBron wore after last year's championship was epic.  The Cavs came back from 3-1 and defeated Golden State, making King James an Ultimate Warrior.

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