YesJulz Racist Tweet

YesJulz shared a racist tweet and was dropped from multiple appearances in Canada.  The screenshot below shows her tweet.  A few days ago, Katy Perry made racist comments about Barack Obama.  Entertainers should have learned from the negative backlash Perry received.  YesJulz wasn’t paying attention.

Women Inspiring Passion and Purpose, a group that spreads knowledge through online content and events, released a statement on Friday, explaining that they will no longer be working with YesJulz.  The Utopia Music Fest released a similar statement.  YesJulz may have ruined her career.  She relies on public appearances but no one will want to do business with her after she shared the following tweet:

YesJulz Racist Tweet
YesJulz Racist Tweet

She posted a video on Snapchat, apologizing about the incident.  In the video, she admits she made a mistake and says she should have never posted the tweet.  YesJulz’s social media content is usually flawless.  She has been using each major platform for years so I was surprised to see her racist tweet.

YesJulz claims that she was calling someone out who suggested that she wear the shirt.  Twitter users didn’t buy her excuse and called her out for posting the picture of the shirt.

What do you think about YesJulz’s racist tweet? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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