22 Savage Chain Snatched In San Antonio

22 Savage's chain got snatched during a performance in San Antonio, Texas.  21 Savage claims that the chain was fake so 22 Savage shouldn't care.  So does the person who snatched the chain become 23 Savage? If the chain is fake, 22 Savage should come out and make fun of the person who stole it.  22 Savage isn't the savage he claims to be.

If the chain is real I hope 22 Savage had insurance.  Incidents like this don't typically occur in places like San Antonio.  The hate for 22 Savage is real.  Instead of speaking on the incident, the rapper has set his social media accounts to private.  This is the same guy who called 21 Savage out for being soft.

22 Savage Chain Snatched In San Antonio
22 Savage Chain Snatched In San Antonio

From Quavo to Steve Francis, chains get snatched all the time.  Smart entertainers don't wear chains.  Who wants to be a target? The following video shows the rapper demanding his chain back.

Why wasn't he that tough when the goons were snatching the chain off his neck? If you have enough money to afford a chain you should have enough money to afford security.  Fans should be able to get close enough to you to snatch your chain.

What do you think about 22 Savage's chain getting snatched in San Antonio? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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