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What Does Confefe Mean? - Trump's Tweet

Confefe or covfefe was President Donald Trump's misspelling of the word "coverage." He wrote the word on Twitter but has since deleted the tweet.  The president's Twitter account is receiving attention for another reason: Nearly half his followers are fake.  He also has many bots.  A Twitter audit service was used to discover these findings.

The president's fake followers may not seem like a serious issue but it definitely is.  The social networking service isn't as popular as Facebook but Trump used it to spread his message throughout the 2016 presidential election.  He did an exceptional job sharing his "Make America Great Again" and we now understand how he did it.

Social media users respect people with high follower counts.  Trump knew this so he focused on gaining respect by increasing his number of followers.  Many believe he did so by buying followers.  When you look at his followers, many of them don't have profile pictures and they'…

#covfefe Memes - Top 5 Funniest

The top 5 funniest #covfefe memes are provided in this article.  President Donald Trump broke the Internet once again.  Memorial Day weekend brought us unforgettable Tiger Woods memes.  One day later, Kathy Griffin does a photoshoot beheading President Donald Trump.  The president responded with a tweet that included the word "covfefe" and broke the Internet.

Covfefe saved Tiger Woods and Kathy Griffin.  Who cares if you drive drunk or behead the president? The real crime is becoming president when you don't know how to spell.  Communication is the key to success and the President of the United States of America can't spell.  Twitter users are begging his staff to take his phone.  Why does he continue to expose himself on the social network?

The following meme proves that your perfect dish isn't perfect without #covfefe:

There's no shame in Donald Trump's game.  Social media was once used by millennials and younger but the president refuses to be left out.

Kathy Griffin Memes - Top 5 Funniest

The top 10 funniest Kathy Griffin memes are provided in this article.  Her Donald Trump photoshoot broke the Internet.  Kathy is seen holding a bloody Donald Trump head.  If you didn't know who Kathy Griffin was before you definitely know who she is now.  The publicity stunt was a work of art.  Donald Trump has just made Griffin relevant again.

The public's response is exactly what Kathy Griffin was hoping for.  The comedian was hilarious in the 90s and has enjoyed success.  She's currently worth $20 million.  Griffin was clearly looking for another payday with the beheading of Donald Trump photoshoot.  Sadly, there are some people that agree with Griffin.  I think he should be impeached but I don't want his head to be cut off.

The following meme shows President Donald Trump and Kathy Griffin together.  It's funny how power changes certain situations.  Kathy was clearly fine with Donald Trump being an entertainer but she can't handle him being the president.

I h…

What Does The Golden Buzzer Mean On America's Got Talent?

This article explains what the Golden Buzzer means on America's Got Talent!

The Golden Buzzer was introduced during the show's 9th Season.  Each judge may press it once during each season.  It gives judges the opportunity to send a contestant through to the live semi-finals.

Darci Lynne Farmer was the most recent contestant to receive Golden Buzzer treatment.  She's a talented 12-year-old ventriloquist that used a singing bunny to advance to the next round.  I think she'll be the winner of this year's competition.  It's still early but she's special! I couldn't stop rewinding her performance.

Check out Darci in the following video:

Britain's Got TalentBritain's Got Talent winner, Tokio Myers, collapsed to the floor after his name was announced as the winner of the competition.  He explains that the competition changed his life.  He now wants some time to rest but he knows that won't happen anytime soon.  Tokio left the world speechless with …

Is Dwyane Wade's Son Gay? - Zion's #BlackBoyJoy

The rumor that Dwyane Wade's son, Zion, is gay, is false.  Zion celebrated his 10th birthday and Gabrielle Union used Snapchat to share the picture below.  The image shows Zion posing for a pic next to his birthday cake.  The Internet can be an evil place.  Social media's reaction to the picture was negative, as expected.

Dwyane Wade has more important news to worry about.  The Chicago Bulls superstar made ESPN's World Fame 100 list.  He earned the 24th spot on the prestigious list.  His former teammate, LeBron James is number 2 on the list.  He's 35-years-old but he still has game.  Kobe Bryant was 37 when he retired so hopefully Wade has at least two years left.

Last year, Wade earned the 33rd spot on the list.  The Snapchat video below shows Zion with Wade's wife, Gabrielle Union.  Zion seems excited.  Union says that her and Zion's outfits coordinate and Zion agrees.

#PressPlay #DwyaneWade's son is too cute! A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom)…

Kristen Smith - Tiger Woods, Gerald Sensabaugh

Kristen Smith is Tiger Woods' 33-year-old girlfriend.  She is NFL player, Gerald Sensabaugh's ex-wife.  Media outlets report that Kristin was out shopping at Neiman Marcus when she heard about Woods being arrested.  Tiger is blaming the arrest on prescription drugs.  Mixing prescription drugs can be extremely dangerous but Tiger Woods should know that.

Former NBA player, Gilbert Arenas, called Tiger out for lying.  He thinks Tiger should be honest by admitting that he made a mistake.  A witness claims that Kristin went crazy on the phone when she heard about Tiger's DUI.  She is a stylist and she reportedly spent over $5,000 at Neiman Marcus on Monday after hearing about the incident.

I am a Tiger Woods fan so I hope he's telling the truth.  The problem is the golfer's mugshot.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words and Tiger's mugshot is priceless.  As the meme below explains: "Mask on, mask off."

F*ck It mask off 😩😂 #TigerWoods @worldstar #W…

Eric Marlon Bishop - Jamie Foxx’s Real Name

Although he goes by the name Jamie Foxx currently and has for a long time now, Foxx was born with the real name of Eric Marlon Bishop on December 13, 1967. Some people think they know everything there is to know about Foxx, but I bet no one knew that his real name was Eric Marlon Bishop. Here are some more fun facts about “Jamie Foxx.”
Jamie Foxx was adopted Although Foxx was born to his birth parents in Terrell, Texas, Louise Anette and Darrell Bishop, he was adopted by his maternal grandparents. They took him in to live with them when he was just seven-months-old because his birth parent’s relationship came to an end. His birth mother was also adopted by his grandparents when she was a little girl.
Foxx Credits His Grandparent’s for his Success Because Foxx was brought up in a strict Baptist family, he gives his grandmother’s influence on him while he was growing up credit for his success in life now.
Foxx was Athletic and Artistic Not only was he a good athlete since he played basketb…

Tiger Woods Memes, DUI - Top 10 Funniest

The funniest Tiger Woods memes are provided in this article.  There is nothing funny about a DUI but the golfer's mugshot was hilarious.  Tiger was arrested near his home on Jupiter Island in Florida.  The incident occurred around 3 AM on Monday morning.  Woods hasn't been the same since his divorce.

Tiger sold himself as a family man.  His positive image enabled him to land multiple endorsements.  The world knew he could golf but being a family man took his brand to another level.  Let's check out the funniest memes from the Internet.  Twitter's reaction was unforgettable.  The following tweet calls Tiger out for what he said about black women.

The meme below is the story of my Memorial Day weekend.

The following meme explains how difficult work will be on Tuesday morning.  In the DC, Maryland, Virginia area the weather was great so I've had one too many drinks.  Correction: Tiger had one too many drinks.

The meme below explains that Tiger is now considered Black.


Rihanna Weight Gain Story 2017 - Pregnant? Top 5 Pics

Rihanna's weight gain broke the Internet.  The video at the end of this article shows pics that has many wondering if she's pregnant.  There are even rumors that she's pregnant with Prince Harry's baby.  The rumors are false.  Rihanna is not having a baby with Chris Brown nor Drake.  She's not pregnant.

Scroll down to see 5 of our favorite pics from Rihanna's Instagram page.  Rihanna's thickness is being celebrated and I love it.  The world's definition of beauty is slowly but surely changing.  Fat shaming has become thickness praising.  Women now go to the gym to work on their curves.  A decade ago, the same women were trying to lose weight.

Rihanna has been in serious relationships with both Drake and Chris Brown.  One reason the singer's weight gain broke the Internet is because her fans are ready for her to have a baby.  She has broken records and earned tons of money.  I'm ready for Rihanna to find Mr. Right and settle down.

Check out 5 of…

Toni Braxton And Birdman - Top 3 Most Adorable Moments

Toni Braxton discusses her relationship with Brian Williams aka "Birdman" on a recent episode of Braxton Family Values.  Braxton explains that she's dealing with anxiety because she's scared to be happy.  I have been there.  You get to a point where you've been through so many horrible relationship and you get scared when you finally find Mr. or Ms. Right.

Braxton explains that her work has been the only thing that brings her happiness.  She says she feels great when she's performing.  Scroll to the video at the end of this article to see her discuss her relationship with Birdman.  The couple has been dating for years and they're finally opening up about their relationship.  Check out 3 of their most adorable moments:

3. When he's her shoulder to lean on:

2. When she's following his lead:

1. When he spends quality time with his future mother-in-law:

Birdman doesn't seem like the relationship type.  Like Braxton, the Cash Money founder and CEO h…

Waka Flocka Brother - Brandon Barnes

Waka Flocka's brother, Brandon Barnes was seen on the first episode of Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta.  Rumors suggest that he is gay but those rumors have not been confirmed.  His mother, Deb Antney was also seen on the episode.  You've probably heard about Waka Flocka's other brother, KayO Redd.  Sadly, he committed suicide in 2013.  Barnes is 26 and he's Waka's younger brother.

On Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta we see Barnes working with T.I.'s stepdaughter, Zonnique Pullins.  He's giving her voice lessons but she's being rude.  The episode was filmed when Lil Wayne made his #BlackLivesMatter comments.  Wayne's daughter, Reginae Carter, is also on the series.  She's telling Zonnique about the #BlackLivesMatter situation while Brandon is giving Zonnique voice lessons.

Brandon gets upset because Zonnique's phone won't stop ringing.  He feels disrespected.  Zonnique then cuts their session short so she can meet up with Reginae.  Brandon is very …

Unblock Someone Instagram - User Not Found 2017

If you're trying to unblock someone on Instagram and you're probably receiving the "user not found" message.  To unblock certain Instagram users, you have to type their username into the app's search bar to access their profile.  Make sure you type the person's full username.  Keep reading for additional Instagram news.

Donald Trump is a Twitter user but there's one person he'll most likely block on Instagram.  Barack Obama's White House photographer, Pete Souza, has been trolling the Trumps' failed attempts to hold hands.  Scroll down to see Pete's hilarious Instagram post.  Melania Trump doesn't do hand holding.  We're guessing the couple will divorce soon.

Dear Mr. President,

This is how you hold hands:

Holding hands. A post shared by Pete Souza (@petesouza) on May 23, 2017 at 7:53am PDT
You have to love the Obamas.  Souza's unforgettable pictures of the couple have been shared on his page along with the Obama White House acc…

Richard Jefferson Snapchat Name

Scroll to the Snapcode for Richard Jefferson's Snapchat name!

Richard Jefferson is a legend on Snapchat.  LeBron James was surprised that Jefferson was able to get his phone from the locker room after Cleveland's win against the Boston Celtics.  James stays away from social media during the playoffs but Jefferson does the exact opposite.  Check out the video below:

You must add Richard Jefferson on Snapchat. 😂 — 4 More Wins. (@LeKingJames23) May 26, 2017
Cleveland Cavaliers small forward, Richard Allen Jefferson, recently announced that he is not retiring.  CBS reports that the 36-year-old initially announced that he was retiring after the team won the 2016 NBA Championship.  Unlike Tim Duncan and Kobe Bryant, the NBA veteran isn't quite ready to call it quits.

According to Slam, the Los Angeles native signed a two-year deal for $5 million.  We guess it's difficult to say goodbye to that type of money to play the sport that you love.  Richard…

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