Traci Braxton’s Son, Lolo Calls Out Tamar on Instagram

Today is Traci Braxton’s birthday, Tamar and Toni Braxton’s sister. Although it is her day today, Tamar posted a rude comment on Instagram saying: “When it’s REALLY your day tho.”
Traci’s son, Lolo saw the post and commented on it calling her out saying: 

“Low key petty AF auntie, SMH.”

Traci Braxton Son Lolo Calls Out Tamar On Instagram
Traci Braxton Son Lolo Calls Out Tamar On Instagram

Why would Tamar postthis? She should have told her sister happy birthday instead of saying it was really HER day! How rude is that? 

You can read the Instagram post here. Check out all of the comments on it. Apparently, Tamar even blocked some people because they were coming at her letting her have it!

Although Tamar posted that, she sort of apologized for it by saying she didn’t mean anything by it. She said she just wanted to say it so she did. She also stated that Arkansas recognized her on this day so why shouldn’t she be grateful? She said she loves her sister and wants to wish her a happy birthday! 

At least she tried to apologize for the rude Instagram post. What do you think about this? Do you think Tamar was rude or do you believe she didn’t mean anything by it? Maybe she should watch what she says on social media because even if she didn’t mean it, it did come off as rude. 

Sound off with your thoughts on this and let us know what you think!