Steven Assanti - Golf Cart

Thursday, April 06, 2017
Steven Assanti's golf cart accident broke the Internet.  On My 600-lb Life we see Assanti searching for a new apartment.  He meets a property manager who offers to escort him around in a golf cart.  The property manager back in the golf cart and helps Steven get on the back of it.  Steven explains that he's having a difficult time moving around so he's trying to take his time.

Steven falls off the golf cart

The property manager's foot is a bit heavy on the gas.  At first, Steven is fine.  They are traveling through the parking lot of the property where the ground is flat.  Then the property manager hit a bump before traveling up a slight hill.  Steven was fine on the bump but the hill was a different story.  Steven falls off the golf cart.

Steven Assanti Golf Cart
Steven Assanti Golf Cart

Steven claims that he needs an ambulance

Steven has faked injuries in the past so it's difficult to tell if he's telling the truth.  At his weight, any fall could be extremely painful.  Steven wants pain medicine and could be faking an injury to get them.  It's a lose-lose situation.  If Steven is really hurt and you don't call an ambulance, the injury could be deadly.  If you call the ambulance and he's not really hurt, Steven gets the pain medicine he's addicted to.

Steven Assanti Golf Cart
Steven Assanti Golf Cart

What did you think about Steven's episode of My 600-lb Life? Will he ever lose weight? Do you think Steven was really hurt? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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