Sergio Garcia Net Worth 2017

Tuesday, April 11, 2017
Wondering what Sergio Garcia is worth? The professional golfer best known for winning more than 20 International tournaments is worth a whopping $80 million! One of the major golf tournaments he has won is The Players Championship. Sergio Garcia was born in Spain on Jan. 9, 1980.

According to reports, Sergio has just won another major title! The golfer won the 81st Masters. This is a major win for Garcia, especially since it was his first major title in his 74th start. This is especially important since he had to hit the ball in an extra hole since he missed a major hit on the 72nd. This could have ended the game, according to regulation, and he would have lost. However, his mind was clear when he went to hit the ball in the hole and won a major victory. How did this feel for Garcia? A major victory indeed!

Sergio Garcia Net Worth 2017
Sergio Garcia Net Worth 2017

Although he did win the title for the 81st Masters, he told himself that he would have driven away with a good feeling whether he won or lost. Even if he ended up in third or fourth place finish like 2004, he said he would have still felt accomplished and still would have felt like a winner.

What do you think about this? Sound off with your thoughts on not only Sergio Garcia’s net worth but also about the fact that he won this major title! 

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