Rasheeda Son Gay? - Ky Frost Exposed?

Is Rasheeda's son, Ky Frost, gay? No, Ky is not gay.  A video leaked, showing him in a vulnerable position but that doesn't mean he's bisexual.  Ky is going through the most thanks to his father, Kirk Frost.  The Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star allegedly had a baby while married to Ky's mother, Rasheeda.

Rasheeda files for divorce from Kirk

Ky's parents are done.  Rasheeda has had enough of Kirk's senseless behavior.  Like Ky, Kirk has been called gay by several people.  I think that's why the marriage didn't last.  Kirk didn't know how to ignore the rumors.  Learn from your father's mistakes Ky! You don't have to prove yourself to anyone.

Rasheeda Son Gay? Ky Frost Exposed?
Rasheeda Son Gay? Ky Frost Exposed?

Kirk's dodging Jasmine Washington

Ky's father is a hot mess.  Kirk claims that he's not the father of Jasmine Washington's son, Kannon, yet he hasn't taken a paternity test.  If he knows he's not the father, why wouldn't he prove it by taking a paternity test.  Kirk has to understand that he's a role model.  He has kids that look up to him.  He should focus on teaching his children how to handle life's difficulties.

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