Nikki Duncan, Black Ink Crew - Kids, Pregnant?

Did you watch the latest episode of Black Ink Crew? O’Sh-t confirms that Nikki is pregnant with his baby. After last week’s episode where Ceaser and the rest of the Black Ink Crew went off on Nikki and accused her of being an Internet scammer and lying about having a baby with another man, Richard O’Sh—t Duncan says he was hurt by Cease and the crew for their hurtful words toward Nikki. He will do what he can to defend his wife at all costs.

Although O’Sh-t says he was hurt by their words and actions against Nikki, Cease tells him he is only trying to help him because he considers him family and his best friend.  However, O’Sh-t says he not only doesn’t need help with his drinking but he also doesn’t need help with his wife.

Nikki Duncan Black Ink Crew Kids Pregnant
Nikki Duncan Black Ink Crew Kids Pregnant

Last week, in case you missed the episode, the crew found some stuff online about Nikki. They found Nikki’s name on a baby registry with another man from 2014. They confront Nikki and she tells them she only has one son, besides the baby she is carrying, and that is Jeremiah. However, they keep at her until she tells them she was with another man back then but they were going through some problems. The crew tells her that doesn’t make any sense.

What do you think about this? Do you think Nikki has more kids than what she is saying? What do you think about her being pregnant by Richard now? Sound off with your thoughts on this and let us know what you think!