Kim Zolciak Real Hair

Sunday, April 09, 2017
Kim Zolciak from "Real Housewives of Atlanta" is known for her signature blonde locks and bodacious body but she is an expert in protective styling -- she loves her a wig honey. But many people wonder, what does Kim Zolciak's real hair actually look like? Is it really blonde? Is she bald? Is it short? Is it curly? Why doesn't she wear her real hair? Well let's get down to the bottom of this.

Kim Zolciak Real Hair
Kim Zolciak Real Hair

In the photo and video below you can see that the star actually has luscious thick blonde hair very similar to her wigs. Why doesn't Kim Zolciak wear her real hair? The answer is very reasonable the mother of SIX children, four of them are still very small, told Andy Cohen that she wears wigs because they're fast, versatile, and allows her to spend more time caring for her kids instead of worrying about styling and perfecting her hair. Her wig stylist can do anything that she wants to the wig that she can do to her hair -- part it, braid it, curl it etc. She describes it as similar to having a private chef, instead of cooking she can just have whatever she wants made. Must be nice!

Hopefully she has learned to secure her wig caps in case it gets "shifted" again by Sheree, but luckily they're friends again so she won't have that problem.

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