Kim Kardashian - Wrestlemania XXIV- 9 Years Later

Nine years ago on March 30, Kim Kardashian hosted Wrestlemania XXIV. Being the super reality TV star she is and seeing as everyone knows who she is and who she is married to, she hyped up the “Money in the Bank” ladder match at Wrestle Mania 24. She hosts the match until Mr. Kennedy interrupts her. Mr. Kennedy walks in while she is talking about the show without a shirt on and bounces his belly. She tells us that he isn’t invited but we are.

Although Kim Kardashian hosted Wrestle Mania XXIV, she did an interview with Sports Illustrated and said this: “I’m hosting something!” Apparently, Kardashian didn’t know for sure what she was to be doing. Wow!!

Kim Kardashian Wrestlemania XXIV
Kim Kardashian Wrestlemania XXIV

She also told Sports Illustrated that she may be commenting too about the show. How could she not know for sure what she was doing? Hmm!

Back then, while hosting Wrestle Mania 24, she was dating Reggie Bush! While dating Bush, she made it into the sports pages as well as the celebrity gossip sites. 

What has Kim Kardashian been up to for the past nine years since this match? She has had two kids with Kanye West, her husband. She also has her own show, “Keeping up with the Kardashian’s.”

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