Desiigner, Anna Wintour - 'Timmy Turner'

Vogue designers show off their technology wearable designs to their Vogue co-workers. These wearables are really awesome. One wearable is something you wear on your eye mask when going to sleep and it is supposed to keep the nightmares away by cooling your body temperature down when you start to overheat while sleeping. How cool is that? 

So, all of these designers are coming in and out showing off their new designs and here comes the rapper, Desiigner! He is an awesome rap artist. Watch the video to see him rap a verse from the song, “Timmy Turner” to designer Anna Wintour!

Desiigner Anna Wintour Timmy Turner
Desiigner Anna Wintour Timmy Turner

What are these people up to now? This rapping session he did for Anna happened last November so everyone wants to know what they are up to now that a year has gone by?

About a week ago, Desiigner did an interview with Nardwaur and the interview turned into a 15 minute giggle fest! They were both laughing really hard during the interview and they said it was the best interview they ever had!

Are you wondering what Anna Wintour is doing these days? Six hours ago, she welcomed her first granddaughter into the world. Her son and his wife had their first child! How sweet is that? 

What do you think about the rap Desiigner did for Anna Wintour? Sound off with your thoughts on this and let us know what you think!