Carlos King - Net Worth

Looks like Carlos King isn’t really happy right now. Although the producer of Real Housewives ofAtlanta is currently worth a whopping $5 million, he won’t be returning to the show next year. And, it looks like it is all Phaedra Park’s fault. He can blame Phaedra because she blamed King for lying about feeding Porsha Williams. Apparently, this lie meant that she was now a lesbian since she was supposed to have fed Porsha Williams. Poor Carlos!

Well, King is not the only one who has been fired from the show. Phaedra has also been fired for ALL of the lies she has been spreading around. She is such a liar, no one can tell when she is telling the truth or not anymore! She lies so much about everything that she even brought fake divorce papers to the reunion show to prove a point to everyone. Wow! That is what you call stooping really low!

Carlos King Net Worth
Carlos King Net Worth

Everyone else got their renewal papers for the next show but Phaedra and Carlos didn’t get theirs. Not only this but, it has also been confirmed by sources that NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak will not be returning as full-time cast members.

You won’t have to wait too much longer for the Real Housewives of Atlanta’s reunion show since it does start on April 16 at 8 pm on Bravo. It will be a four-episode reunion.

Apparently, those who are supposed to get their renewal papers should get them two weeks after the recording of the reunion episodes are over.

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