Who Is The White Girl Singing On Empire?

Who Is The White Girl Singing On Empire?
Who Is The White Girl Singing On Empire?

Did you watch Empire? Are you wondering who was singing on the show? Who was that woman with that beautiful voice? It was Rumer Willis. She plays Tory Ash

What happened on Empire anyway? To recap: Right near the end of the show, Anika is seen running out of there. Is Empire saying goodbye to one of its characters? They say “No way!” Apparently, she ran away after refusing Tariq’s offer for witness protection. They wanted her to tell on Lucious in exchange for a mother-daughter suite in witness protection! How crazy is that? 

In other news about the show, Cookie was reeling from the violent showdown she had with Lucious, Tory stabbed Jamal in the back, and a mystery woman made a grand entrance. 

What about the sex that Cookie and Lucious almost had on the last episode? Cookie did only kiss Lucious but was she thinking, “Uh-oh I am cheating on Angelo” or was she thinking how hard it was to get away from a man she had been with for so long. Does he have that much of a hold on her?

Who is the mystery woman? What did you think of Rumer Willis' appearance on the last episode of Empire? Sound off with your thoughts on this and let us know what you think!


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