Update On Devon Still’s Daughter Leah - Cancer

Good news for Devon Still, his family, and especially for his daughter, Leah. She is now officially cancer-free and has been for two years now. You should remember little Leah. She stole all of America’s hearts when she stood on the sidelines at her daddy’s football games and raised money for cancer research.

Still posted a picture of him and his daughter together with the caption that read” ”No matter how hard it got, we never gave up. So, today we celebrate your strength and perseverance, Leah! I love you more than you could ever possibly know!!”

Update On Devon Still's Daughter Leah Cancer
Update On Devon Still's Daughter Leah Cancer

The picture he posted was of him and Leah when they first found out that the little girl had cancer. Since they found out she had cancer, she has been attending her dad’s games and raising thousands of dollars for the research of cancer.

We are all so happy to hear about little Leah being cancer free now and for two years! Wow! Devon Still has a lot to be proud of with his little girl fighting the biggest battle there is.

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