Tamar Braxton – Miscarriage, Pregnant 2017

Very sad news came about on the show, “Braxton Family Values” on Thursday night’s episode. Tamar Braxton shared she had suffered a miscarriage. According to Tamar, she stated she learned she was pregnant with their second child a week before she went to Atlanta. However, on the episode of the reality show, she opened up letting her older sister, Toni Braxton, know she had a miscarriage. That is so sad!

What is so sad about it is that Tamar and her husband, Vincent Herbert have been trying so hard to conceive another child. They are actually going through in vitro fertilization. They have one child, a son that Tamar calls their miracle child. However, they are trying to have another baby to let their family grow. 

Tamar Braxton Miscarriage Pregnant 2017
Tamar Braxton Miscarriage Pregnant 2017

They are going through a difficult time as it is right now with the IVF. She stated how hard it is to go through IVF with the body changes and weight gain, but she also said it could be like, “Oh my gosh, I could be!” Then it either doesn’t happen or it does and the miscarriage happens. That is a lot for a family to go through. However, it will all be worth it if they do succeed with conceiving another child!

What do you think about Tamar having a miscarriage? Isn’t it so sad for her to have to go through this when IVF is hard enough to go through? Sound off with your opinions and let us know what you think!