Steven Assanti My 600 LB Life Dead 2017? Justin

Is Steven Assanti on “My 600 Pound Life” dead? No, he isn’t but if he doesn’t get something done about his weight soon, he may just die! “My 600 Pound Life” tells of a story about Justin and Steven who together weigh almost 1,400 pounds. Steven is described as being manipulative and very greedy. Steven weighs almost 800 pounds by himself and Justin weighs 600 pounds. Will “My 600 Pound Life” save these two brothers by helping them lose weight

On the show, you can see how manipulative and greedy Steven is. While they are in an RV on the way to Houston Texas to see Dr. Now, Steven calls his dad on the cell phone countless times telling him he better get him some food “or else!” His dad always gives in too, which enables Steven in many ways. 

Steven Assanti My 600 lb Life Dead 2017? Justin
Steven Assanti My 600 lb Life Dead 2017? Justin

During the show, Steven and Justin discuss how they were abused while growing up. Their father left their mother because she is an alcoholic and their mother’s boyfriend used to beat the two of them. Not only this but, she would always leave food out for them both to eat while she was gone. Steven said food was and still is a comfort to him. But look what it has done to him! 

What do you think about these two? Do you think they will get the help they need? Although Steven was instantly admitted into the hospital because of his weight when he got there, Justin decided to go back to Rhode Island with his dad and try to lose weight on his own. Do you think these two can be helped? Sound off with your thoughts on this and let us know what you think!


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