Masika Kalysha STORMS OFF SET over Alexis Skyy Casting

Friday, March 17, 2017
And action! Filming for the new season of Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood has commenced and what a messy season it will be. Mona Scott Young aka lead instigator and producer at the show has casted Alexis Skyy to be on the new season.

Masika Kalysha Alexis Sky
Masika Kalysha Alexis Sky

To recap, Alexis Skyy dated Masika Kalysha's baby daddy, Fetty Wap, for a while and has been going back and forth with Masika via social media for some time now although she is no longer with the "Mine Again" singer.

Masika Kalysha Alexis Sky
Masika Kalysha Alexis Sky

The two have called each other every name in the book. Alexis thinks that Masika is just looking for a check and found it by getting pregnant with the rapper's child. Masika thinks Alexis is talentless and has even called her a "sister wife" for shacking up with Fetty knowing that he's still hooking up with other girls (including one of his other baby mamas). Masika has claimed to stop beefing with Alexis because she just wants publicity. Which she wasn't wrong because she went on to date Offset from Migos and get into a messy fight with one of his 'tings'.

Well Alexis got the publicity that she wanted and it worked because now she's on the show. TMZ reported that Alexis Skyy, Nikki Baby, and Hazel-E (what a trio!) all rolled up to a karaoke bar where Masika was filming. Once the singer caught wind that the group was there she refused to tape and shouted "I am not giving that peasant no airtime," before storming off.

You can tell that the upcoming season of the LA edition of "Love and Hip Hop" is guaranteed to be action packed.

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