Laura, My 600 LB Life

Laura My 600 LB Life
Laura My 600 LB Life

Just recently, we talked about James K from “My 600 LB Life” and how he didn’t listen to anything the doctor asked him to do. We talked about how James may be the most disliked person on the show. Now, let’s talk about Laura and her amazing transformation in 2015 when she first appeared on the show and weighing 541 pounds.

Since the show aired in 2015 with Laura appearing in it, she has lost 300 pounds. She came back to the show to appear on the episode of “Where are they now?” This episode showed different people who appeared in 2015 and revisited them to see if they kept the weight off.

During the episode of “Whereare they now?” for “My 600 LB Life, Laura revealed that she wanted to lose another 80 pounds. Although she looks amazing now and says she feels a lot better, she has decided to drop down even more.

Laura also confessed on that episode that aired in 2016 that her marriage to her husband felt strained since she had lost all the weight and that her husband was even jealous of her extreme weight loss, instead of being happy for her.

If you would like to find out what Laura is doing today, you can visit her Facebook page where she documents everything.

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