Keyshia Cole - Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood

Keyshia Cole Love And Hip Hop Hollywood
Keyshia Cole Love And Hip Hop Hollywood

What is going in with Love and Hip Hop Hollywood? Keyshia Cole is coming to the show and bringing her estranged husband, Daniel “Boobie” Gibson, with her. You can say what you want about her music but you know how entertaining her shows are. Not only that, but her personal life is just as entertaining, especially the way she kicks it with Boobie! With this being said, it does make sense that she would get back into reality TV, right?

Although she originally said during an interview with The Breakfast Club, that she was not truly interested in going back to Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood, she also said that she didn’t like the energy of it, especially the talk from the fans about her joining the cast of the show, she is coming back in full force!

She said that Mona called her and asked her if she wanted to join the show and although at first, she didn’t want to, she said if it is done right, it could be worth it to her. Cole said she just doesn’t want to be in all of the crazy stuff that goes on during these shows. Who can blame her, right?

Not only has she had a change of heart about joining the show, she is also being offered the right amount to do it, apparently. She has indeed confirmed on Twitter earlier this week that she will be joining Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood and bringing Daniel with her.

Stay tuned in June when the show comes back! Filming begins next week and we get to watch all of the action in a few months! How excited are you to be seeing Keyshia Cole coming to Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood? Sound off with your thoughts on this and let us know what you think!