Keanna Arnold - Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Keonna Arnold Love And Hip Hop Atlanta
Keanna Arnold Love And Hip Hop Atlanta

Keanna Arnold from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. She is the youngest out of three siblings. She is getting her Bachelor degree and working as an exotic dancer at a popular night club in Atlanta. She is earning her Bachelor degree in Healthcare Management, putting herself through school while being an exotic dancer.

Keanna is one of Rodney Bullock’s girlfriend’s. He is playing two girls at once. Rodney’s other girlfriend is the ever popular Jasmine Washington. Karlie Redd does not like Rodney and said that he was recently released from prison. He is one of the newest cast members of the show, Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta.

Karlie knows a little bit about Rod and says that he was in a previous relationship with Mimi Faust and it wasn’t a good one. Karlie also says that although she doesn’t know every little detail about the relationship between them, she says Rod is a little shady.

It seems that Rod is a very understanding person since his girlfriend; Jasmine Washington had a baby with another man while he was in prison. Maybe they are in an open relationship?

Jasmine’s baby daddy is Kirk Frost. We all know how Frost is! He is a jerk!

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