Casie Colson Baker - Machine Gun Kelly and Amber Rose

Casie Colson Baker Machine Gun Kelly And Amber Rose
Casie Colson Baker Machine Gun Kelly And Amber Rose

Do you remember when Machine Gun Kelly and Amber Rose were dating? Do you remember when the two used to constantly like each other’s Instagram posts or what about when we saw them in each other’s Instagram posts? Once we noticed the rapper was absent from the vixens Instagram posts, we were wondering what was going on and we found out quick. The two had broken up! What have they been up to since the split between them?

Machine Gun Kelly Update

Machine Gun Kelly has started collaborating with Quavo and Ty Dolla $ign and the three have made some music together! The track between the three rappers should score an even bigger hit for Machine Gun Kelly since he just came out with a new single called, “Bad Things.” Not only has he been spending time with his daughter, Casie Colson Baker, but he keeps making music to keep his fans entertained!

Amber Rose Update

We have an update on Amber Rose too! The vixen is hitting the dating scene again and explains why she won’t date airhead basketball players! She said during an interview with ‘The Tomorrow Show’ she said she will only date men with a good head on their shoulders. She just recently split up with Val Chmerkovskiy not too long ago. They were together for almost six months.

Amber Rose says she is attracted to extremely smart men. She said she needs a man who is articulate and someone who can teach her something. 

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