Bam Bam On Empire - Bobby King

In Empire's Spring Premiere, "Sound and Fury" we meet Bobby "Bam-Bam" King.  Vernon Batchelor plays Bam-Bam.  In 2011, he played John Smith in the movie What About the Children.  In "Sound and Fury" Lucious Lyon identifies Bam-Bam as the snitch planning to testify against him in the Frank Gathers case.

Thirsty is getting a hot dog in the park when a woman gives him a napkin with "Frank Gathers" written on it.  The message is a warning that the FBI is planning to use the Frank Gathers murder to take Lucious down.

Bam Bam On Empire Bobby King
Bam Bam On Empire Bobby King

Thirsty tells Lucious that someone scored a "Get Out Of Jail Free" card.  Lucious' brother, Tariq convinced someone to testify to a grand jury that Lucious is the one who ordered the hit on Frank Gathers.

Thirsty Rawlings Empire
Thirsty Rawlings Empire

Thirsty asks Lucious if he can think of anyone who would snitch.  Lucious starts naming members of his old crew and realizes it has to be Bobby King aka "Bam-Bam" aka rat bastard.  Lucious proclaims that he spent a bunch of money on Bobby's daughter's leukemia bills and she still died.  Did she want to die Lucious!?

Thirsty tells Lucious that he'll find out where Bam-Bam's hiding.  Lucious tells Thirsty to look after his mother, Leah Walker.  Thirsty takes Leah and Becky on a road trip to get Bam-Bam's mom.  Becky doesn't understand why Thirsty asked her to come along.  They pick up Bam-Bam's mother, Mrs. Gretchen, and she's excited to see her son.

We see Bam-Bam working in a restaurant.  Bam-Bam is very excited to see his mother in the window and begins to run towards her.  Lucious ruins the moment and tells Bam-Bam not to speak.  Lucious scares Bam-Bam into changing the story he told the feds.  Lucious dodged another bullet.

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