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Tally Diss Track? - The Rap Game

It was sad seeing Tally leave in episode 12 of The Rap Game's third season, "Don't Underestimate Nobody." Jermaine Dupri advised the kids to prepare for a rap battle.  Flau'jae, Deetranada, Nova and King Roscoe were excited but Tally looked worried.  She began discussing her options with her sister and then she decided to leave.  What a waste of time.

Tally made the number 2 spot on the Hit List in episode 5 of The Rap Game's third season, "Roll Wit It." This season's competition is fierce but two rappers are stealing the show: Tally and Nova.  The two emcees are constantly battling each other for the number 1 spot.  Nova got it this week, using his creativity to deliver all the right moves.

In episode 4, "Poncho v. Dashiki" we saw Tally lose some points because she looks too much like Iggy Azalea.  She tried to pick a look that would separate herself from Iggy but it didn't work out.  A person screams "Iggy!" from their…

Who Left The Rap Game Season 3? Tally?

Tally left The Rap Game because she didn't want to compete in the battle rap.  This was the second time Tally left season 3 of the series.  There are now four rappers left competing for a contract with So So Def.  Many believe Nova or Deetranada will win but King Roscoe defeated both of them in the "Don't Underestimate Nobody" episode.

Tally left on The Rap Game season 3 but then her and her sister returned.  When she got back she explained that her father made her leave after he found out about a new contestant being added to the competition.  We were glad to see her return.  She unleashed some impressive lyrics during her battle against Ke$hun.

In the trailer for The Rap Game season 3 episode 7, "Fight For Your Spot" we see Jermaine Dupri on an interview with the Durtty Boyz (ET and J-Nicks).  The DJs have a surprise challenge for the contestants.  They have a rapper that they believe can rap better than some of the contestants on the series.  They want t…

Tamar Braxton – Miscarriage, Pregnant 2017

Very sad news came about on the show, “Braxton Family Values” on Thursday night’s episode. Tamar Braxton shared she had suffered a miscarriage. According to Tamar, she stated she learned she was pregnant with their second child a week before she went to Atlanta. However, on the episode of the reality show, she opened up letting her older sister, Toni Braxton, know she had a miscarriage. That is so sad!

What is so sad about it is that Tamar and her husband, Vincent Herbert have been trying so hard to conceive another child. They are actually going through in vitro fertilization. They have one child, a son that Tamar calls their miracle child. However, they are trying to have another baby to let their family grow. 

They are going through a difficult time as it is right now with the IVF. She stated how hard it is to go through IVF with the body changes and weight gain, but she also said it could be like, “Oh my gosh, I could be!” Then it either doesn’t happen or it does and the miscarriage…

What Is The Mask Off Challenge? - Future

The Mask Off Challenge is the latest social media trend breaking the Internet.  The challenge was inspired by Future's new hit, "Mask Off" from his self-titled album, FUTURE.  People are posting videos of themselves dancing and playing instruments to the song.  Scroll to the end of this article to see Chris Brown dancing to the track.

Future has quickly become one of the most successful artists in the industry.  FUTURE was his fourth number 1 album in a row.  "Mask Off" is a fan-favorite, as proven by the #MaskOffChallenge posts below.

The following post shows a talented violinist and an amazing dancer:

TSR STAFF: Chantel P.! @_popchanny on IG! _______________________________ People can say what they please about hip-hop's struggling survival, but after this #MaskOffChallenge, it's evident that certain areas of the art are still alive and well--unbothered actually. _______________________________ The first few #MaskOffChallenge videos That surfaced were …

Tamar Braxton First Husband

Tamar Braxton, little sister to living legend Toni Braxton with an equally talented set of pipes, is married to uber successful music producer Vincent Herbert. The two share a son, Logan, and also have a TV show on WE that chronicles her career, love, and home life. But on last night's episode of "Braxton Family Values" the singer mentioned to her sister Towanda Braxton that she knew that divorces were hard because she went through one herself. The question is who was Tamar's first husband?

His name is Darell "Delite" Allamby and they were married for two years from 2001 to 2003. Darell is a music producer and rumored deadbeat dad. If you've watched "The Real" or BFV you'll remember that Tamar was very vocal about being physically and emotionally abused in the past. Darell may be the ex that she was referring to.

Another big topic of conversation was Tamar's miscarriage. Tamar and Vince have been trying to have a second child via IVF. …

How To Post Colored Background On Facebook - iPhone iOS

iPhone users can now add can now add background colors to their Facebook statuses.  To add a Status update with a colored background select "Status" on your Timeline. Next, click the text that reads "What's on your mind?" You'll then see numerous background colors to choose from.  Select a color, fill in your new "Status" and click Post.  Keep reading for additional Facebook news.
Facebook's 'Town Hall' feature allows users to call their elected officials Facebook's new 'Town Hall' feature allows users to contact their elected officials through the app.  Facebook was blamed for the last election.  Many believe that the fake news on the app led to Donald Trump's victory.  The company is now enhancing its political presence.  It has never been easier to find and contact your local, state and federal representatives.  

Facebook makes it more difficult to share fake news Facebook is working hard to fix its fake news problem…

Chance the Rapper MCW2 - Magnificent Coloring World 2

Chance the Rapper has taken to Instagram to tease his fans about his upcoming tour, Magnificent Coloring World 2. This spring tour will start on April 24. He posted a post-it on Instagram featuring the space and lingering with different mysterious hints about his new tour coming up. He has fans going crazy!

His fans know that MCW stands for the tour he did last year called, “Magnificent Coloring World.” So it is only natural they would figure out that MCW2 stands for “Magnificent Coloring World 2” which he will start toward the end of April. 

One Reddit user says MCW2 definitely stands for Magnificent Coloring World 2. According to this Reddit user, Fozzik, Chance is definitely hinting around about a second awesome tour coming soon. 
What do you think? Do you think that Chance the Rapper is trying to hint about a second Magnificent Coloring World 2 spring tour for his fans? Apparently, the tour will be starting out in San Diego so get ready Chance the Rapper fans! This tour will be a mag…

Keke Wyatt Kids - Pregnant 2017

What?? KeKe Wyatt is pregnant with her ninth child? According to reports, she is already showing as she strutted her stuff walking down the red carpet. It seems she is already six months pregnant. And, she said she and her hubby may not be done after this one either. According to Keke, she is not fixed and neither is her husband so you just never know what will happen! Congratulations are in order for Keke and hubby!
Reports state that Keke was talking about how she spends time with all eight of her children and how number nine will be raised too. Keke said she and hubby make sure that each child has their own time with mommy and daddy separate and together. That is awesome but must be a lot of hard work too! In fact, Keke says this is how they do it: child/mommy time, child/daddy time, and child/mommy/daddy time. Each kid gets to spend time with mommy and daddy together and apart. That is really cool!

Drake's Mom, Sandi Graham - Age, Wiki, Birthday, Bio

Drake's mom, Sandi Graham, was born on January 28, 1960 and is currently 57-years-old.  She's a Jewish Canadian who worked hard to raise Drake as a single parent.  Sandi and Drake's dad, Dennis Graham, divorced when Drake was only 5-years-old.  When Sandi began experiencing financial difficulties, Drake worked hard to become a star.

XXXtentacion calls out DrakeXXXtentacion got out of jail and attacked Drake.  He referred to the Toronto rapper as a "bitch" in an interview and then complimented his mother on Twitter.  In the interview at the of this article, XXXtentacion explains how the beef between him and Drake started.  He says Drake contacted a DJ he knows and said he saw XXXtentacion's interview and was planning to contact his manager.

XXXtentacion says that Drake never contacted his manager.  XXXtentacion hasn't been able to address the situation because he was locked up.  Now he's out and isn't biting his tongue.

XXXtentacion Drake Mashup XX…

Steven Assanti - Dr. Phil, FatBoyGetDown

In 2007, Steven Assanti appeared on Dr. Phil.  Steven goes by his middle name, John, on the episode.  Scroll to the video at the end of this article to see his interview.  Steven and his brother, Justin, were recently seen on My 600-lb Life.  Steven appeared on Dr. Phil House, an occasional series the psychologist introduced in 2006.  Guests were invited to a house where they were filmed and counseled.

Dr. Phil makes Steven clean up The video at the end of this article shows Dr. Phil make Steven clean the house.  The cleaning people wake him up and tell him that Dr. Phil says that he has to clean.  Steven cleans the entire house from top to bottom.  He admits that it was a great workout.  He sweeps, mops, wipes the tables and cleans the couches.

Steven appeared on Dr. Phil House because he hates skinny people The video below shows Dr. Phil congratulate a girl named Staci who overcame her hatred of fat people.  She wore a fat suit and walks around, in public, with Steven.  Staci change…

Penny From 600 lb Life - Update 2017

Penny Seager appeared on season 2 of My 600-lb Life.  She was bedridden for over four years and moved from Maryland to Texas to see Dr. Nowzaradan.  In 2015, My 600-lb Life Where Are They Now provided an update on Penny.  The episode showed Penny lying about her weight.  Her counselor told her to be honest but she's too ashamed.

Penny gained weight after having weight loss surgery After Penny's surgery, she decided to follow her own diet and failed to lose any weight.  Weight loss surgery is generally effective but patients don't always lose the weight they expect to lose.  Patients must be committed for the surgery to be effective.  Penny is addicted to food and wasn't able to follow through with the program.

Penny refuses to eat healthy Penny needed to change her diet but she couldn't do it.  The doctor advised her to stop eating egg whites and start eating whole eggs but she refused.  When we met Penny, we found out that she had spent more than four years in he…

Anika Leaving Empire? Grace "Boo Boo Kitty" Gealey (SPOILERS)

Is Anika Calhoun leaving Empire? She'll continue to appear on the Fox series for at least two more Wednesdays.  The summaries for the next two episodes mention her name.  Grace Gealey aka Grace Byers or "Boo Boo Kitty" is constantly going through hard times on the series.  Lucious' brother, Tariq, is the latest character to threaten her.

Tariq tells Anika it's time to start snitching Anika panics after Tariq threatens her.  Lucious' mother, Leah, hates Boo Boo Kitty.  Leah tells Tariq that Anika knows things and she can't be trusted.  Lucious told his mother that he was getting rid of Anika but instead, he gave her a job.  Tariq stops Anika on the street and tells her it's time to start talking.  He asks about Frank Gathers and Anika explains that she knows who he was but she never met him.

Tariq names numerous other people and then gives Anika a subpoena.  He warns her that once Lucious finds out, he'll make sure she disappears.  Tariq advises he…

Guest Star On Empire Tonight

Empire's "Play On" episode featured numerous guest stars.  Rumer Willis made her second appearance on the series while Nia Long made her first appearance.  Willis played Tory Ash while Nia played Giuliana.  Here's a list of the additional members of the episode's guest cast:

Taye Diggs as Angelo DuBoisLeslie Uggams as Leah WalkerAndre Royo as Thurston "Thirsty" RawlingsEric Lane as DropSierra A. McClain as NessaAzMarie Livingston as ChickenPhylicia Rashad as Diana DuBoisAjiona Alexus as Young Loretha "Cookie" LyonJeremy Carver as Young Lucious LyonEzri Walker as ZeahJuan Antonio as PhilipTobias Truvillion as D-Major
Rumer Willis was the guest star on Empire tonight.  She plays Tory Ash on the Fox series.  The video at the end of this article shows Tory and Jamal deliver a powerful duet.  She is the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore.  She was born on August 16, 1988 in Paducah, KY.  You may remember her from Dancing with the Stars.  Rumer w…

What Happened To Usher Stepson - Kile Glover?

What happened to Usher's stepson, Kile Glover? Usher posted an emotional tribute to Kile on Instagram.  He would have celebrated his 16th birthday on March 29, 2017.  Scroll to the Instagram post below to read Usher's heartfelt message.  Kile died in 2012 after a jet ski accident.  The jet ski was being operated by Jeffrey Hubbard, a family friend.

Kile and a friend were on an inner tube when Hubbard crashed into them with his jet ski.  Usher's stepson suffered serious head injuries and never regained consciousness.  Kile was 11-years-old when he passed away.

In 2014, Hubbard was sentenced to four years in prison Jeffrey was a close friend to Kile's father.  He was sentenced to four years in jail.  Once released, he'll spend 15 years on probation.  Kile passed away 6 days after the incident.  Masha Glover, Kile's stepmother, informed the judge that Jeffrey was operating the jet ski in a reckless manner.  There are some accidents that are unforgivable and this …

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