How To Post Colored Background On Facebook – iPhone iOS

iPhone users can now add can now add background colors to their Facebook statuses.  To add a Status update with a colored background select “Status” on your Timeline. Next, click the text that reads “What’s on your mind?” You’ll then see numerous background colors to choose from.  Select a color, fill in your new “Status” and click Post.  Keep reading for additional Facebook news.

Facebook’s ‘Town Hall’ feature allows users to call their elected officials

Facebook’s new ‘Town Hall‘ feature allows users to contact their elected officials through the app.  Facebook was blamed for the last election.  Many believe that the fake news on the app led to Donald Trump’s victory.  The company is now enhancing its political presence.  It has never been easier to find and contact your local, state and federal representatives.  
How To Post Colored Background On Facebook Status iPhone
How To Post Colored Background On Facebook Status iPhone

Facebook makes it more difficult to share fake news

Facebook is working hard to fix its fake news problem.  The company launched “The Facebook Journalism Project” to improve ethics and end their fake news issue.  Users are seeing popup messages that state, “Disputed by Multiple, Independent Fact-Checkers.” Facebook will no longer be the place for breaking news.  Unreliable information will now need to be checked before it can be shared on the platform.

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Chance the Rapper MCW2 – Magnificent Coloring World 2

Chance the Rapper has
taken to Instagram to tease his fans about his upcoming tour, Magnificent
Coloring World 2. This spring tour will start on April 24. He posted a post-it
on Instagram featuring the space and lingering with different mysterious hints
about his new tour coming up. He has fans going crazy!

His fans know that MCW
stands for the tour he did last year called, “Magnificent Coloring World.” So
it is only natural they would figure out that MCW2 stands for “Magnificent
Coloring World 2” which he will start toward the end of April. 

Chance The Rapper MCW2 Magnificent Coloring World 2
Chance The Rapper MCW2 Magnificent Coloring World 2
One Reddit user says
MCW2 definitely stands for Magnificent Coloring World 2. According to this
Reddit user, Fozzik, Chance is definitely hinting around about a second awesome
tour coming soon. 
What do you think? Do
you think that Chance the Rapper is trying to hint about a second Magnificent
Coloring World 2 spring tour for his fans? Apparently, the tour will be
starting out in San Diego so get ready Chance the Rapper fans! This tour will
be a magnificent one for everyone! 

Chicago #MCW2 A post shared by Chance The Rapper (@chancetherapper) on Mar 30, 2017 at 2:41pm PDT

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Keke Wyatt Kids – Pregnant 2017

What?? KeKe Wyatt is pregnant with her ninth child? According to reports, she is already showing as she strutted her stuff walking down the red carpet. It seems she is already six months pregnant. And, she said she and her hubby may not be done after this one either. According to Keke, she is not fixed and neither is her husband so you just never know what will happen! Congratulations are in order for Keke and hubby!

Reports state that Keke was talking about how she spends time with all eight of her children and how number nine will be raised too. Keke said she and hubby make sure that each child has their own time with mommy and daddy separate and together. That is awesome but must be a lot of hard work too! In fact, Keke says this is how they do it: child/mommy time, child/daddy time, and child/mommy/daddy time. Each kid gets to spend time with mommy and daddy together and apart. That is really cool!

KeKe Wyatt Kids Pregnant 2017
KeKe Wyatt Kids Pregnant 2017
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Drake’s Mom, Sandi Graham – Age, Wiki, Birthday, Bio

Drake’s mom, Sandi Graham, was born on January 28, 1960 and is currently 57-years-old.  She’s a Jewish Canadian who worked hard to raise Drake as a single parent.  Sandi and Drake’s dad, Dennis Graham, divorced when Drake was only 5-years-old.  When Sandi began experiencing financial difficulties, Drake worked hard to become a star.

XXXtentacion calls out Drake

XXXtentacion got out of jail and attacked Drake.  He referred to the Toronto rapper as a “bitch” in an interview and then complimented his mother on Twitter.  In the interview at the of this article, XXXtentacion explains how the beef between him and Drake started.  He says Drake contacted a DJ he knows and said he saw XXXtentacion’s interview and was planning to contact his manager.

Drake’s Mom Sandi Graham Age Wiki Birthday Bio

XXXtentacion says that Drake never contacted his manager.  XXXtentacion hasn’t been able to address the situation because he was locked up.  Now he’s out and isn’t biting his tongue.

XXXtentacion Drake Mashup

XXXtentacion claims that Drake copied his tempo on “KMT.”  XXXtentacion’s “Look At Me” definitely sounds similar to “KMT.” XXXtentacion is 19-years-old was born and raised in Broward County, Florida.  He was in jail for violating the terms of a house arrest agreement.  In 2016, he was arrested for attacking his pregnant girlfriend.  He gave his baby mama two black eyes.
Listen to the full mashup:

Drake’s dad, Dennis Graham aka XXXtentacion

XXXtentacion isn’t holding back.  He put his face on a picture of Drake with his parents.  The image below originally showed Drake with his mom and dad.  XXXtentacion made the image his Twitter profile pic.  The beef reminds us of Nicki Minaj’s beef with Remy Ma.  Drake will most likely ignore XXXtentacion.  Nicki tried to ignore Remy but then she dropped “shETHER.”

XXXtentacion Drake Mom
XXXtentacion Drake Mom

XXXtentacion shared the following message about Drake’s mom on Twitter:

Drake may have to reply.  XXXtentacion is coming for the rapper’s family.

The following track, “I Don’t Wanna Do This Anymore” has over 20 million streams on SoundCloud:

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Steven Assanti – Dr. Phil, FatBoyGetDown

In 2007, Steven Assanti appeared on Dr. Phil.  Steven goes by his middle name, John, on the episode.  Scroll to the video at the end of this article to see his interview.  Steven and his brother, Justin, were recently seen on My 600-lb Life.  Steven appeared on Dr. Phil House, an occasional series the psychologist introduced in 2006.  Guests were invited to a house where they were filmed and counseled.

Dr. Phil makes Steven clean up

The video at the end of this article shows Dr. Phil make Steven clean the house.  The cleaning people wake him up and tell him that Dr. Phil says that he has to clean.  Steven cleans the entire house from top to bottom.  He admits that it was a great workout.  He sweeps, mops, wipes the tables and cleans the couches.

Steven Assanti Dr. Phil FatBoyGetDown
Steven Assanti Dr. Phil FatBoyGetDown

Steven appeared on Dr. Phil House because he hates skinny people

The video below shows Dr. Phil congratulate a girl named Staci who overcame her hatred of fat people.  She wore a fat suit and walks around, in public, with Steven.  Staci changes her mind about overweight people and Dr. Phil is proud.  Dr. Phil’s not happy with Steven.  He calls him a con artist for telling the doctor that he hated skinny people.  Steven doesn’t hate skinny people.  He told the doctor that because he was desperate to appear on the show.
Steven Assanti Dr. Phil FatBoyGetDown
Steven Assanti Dr. Phil FatBoyGetDown

FatBoyGetDown leaves YouTube

In the following video, Steven explains that he’s leaving YouTube.  His FatBoyGetDown YouTube channel went viral after he posted videos of himself dancing shirtless.  He explains that he got famous after posting his “My Humps” and “I Kissed A Girl” videos.  He tells his followers to stop subscribing and commenting.  Steven proclaims that he’s moving on to bigger and better things.

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