Yandy Smith Sister - Does She Have Siblings?

Monday, February 20, 2017
Yandy Smith's sister was seen snatching Samantha Wallace's wig during the Love and Hip Hop New York reunion.  Samantha didn't appreciate how her mother, Kim was being treated so she jumped out her seat and started screaming.  Mendeecees mother, Judy called Kim out for faking her heart attack and Yandy called Kim out for lying.

Yandy explained that Kim called her on the phone laughing about the heart attack.  It's still unclear if the heart attack was real or fake but one thing that's clear is Yandy's hate for Samantha and Erika.

Yandy Smith Sister Does She Have Siblings?
Yandy Smith Sister Does She Have Siblings?

Twitter's reaction to Yandy's sister was hilarious, as expected.

The following tweet shows Yandy's sister snatch Samantha's wig! Like Cardi B explained, females from New York are savages.

Samantha, Erika and Yandy have one thing in common: They are all about that life.  They are all willing to fight at the drop of a dime.  Erika talks the most but she has enough hate for Yandy to be willing to fight her.  Yandy loves Mendeecees so much that she would be willing to fight for him and Samantha is just as crazy as her mother.

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