Remy Ma Talks About Her Unborn Child

Monday, February 27, 2017
Remy Ma Talks About Her Unborn Child
Remy Ma Talks About Her Unborn Child

The Reunion episode of Love and Hip Hop featured Remy Ma talking about an intensely personal subject. She discussed the loss of her unborn child due to complications during her pregnancy. Remy stated that she feels cheated out of being able to bond with her baby. Remy assured her fans that there is nothing wrong with her female body. However, she mentioned that she might have to have a special medical procedure done to ensure a healthy and successful pregnancy.

Remy Ma had a memorable line during the reunion show: "If you wouldn't do it when your girl is there, don't do it when she's not there"

She also had another strong line during the show: If my man could be taken so easily, he wasn't my man to begin with- Remy Ma

Remy Ma also memorably rolled her eyes during the in show proposal. One could infer from Remy rolling her eyes that she feels that marriage won't last very long in the big scheme of things.

Remy Ma has been going through a very bad patch lately with her failed pregnancy, kmart dumping her, and engaging in a battle with Nicki Minaj. We shall see what the future holds for Remy.

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