Lazarec Collins - Chicago Shooting Victim FB Live

Thursday, February 16, 2017
Lazarec Collins is the man who was shot and killed in Chicago.  The incident was recorded on Facebook Live.  His 2-year-old nephew, Lavontay White was also shot and killed.  The incident occurred on Tuesday, February 14.  While many were celebrating Valentine's Day, Lazarec and Lavontay were the victims of senseless violence.

A 20-year-old pregnant woman was shot in her stomach during the incident.  She was recording a video on Facebook Live with Lazarec and Lavontay in the vehicle.  The trio is listening to a Chief Keef song when another vehicle is seen in the video.  A gang member gets out the other vehicle and starts shooting into the car.

Lazarec Collins Chicago Shooting Victim FB Live
Lazarec Collins Chicago Shooting Victim FB Live

Lazarec and Lavontay are shot in their heads.  The pregnant woman is shot in her stomach.  Lazarec was 26-years-old.  He was babysitting Lavontay for his sister.  Lazarec was a known gang member and the target of the shooting.

In the tweet above, rapper, Common, attempts to inspire the city of Chicago to do better.  The city's gang violence will need more than Common's encouraging words.  This is the worst violence we've seen in any city in a long time.

In the video below, Lavontay's aunt, Shaneka Hill, describes Lavontay as a happy child who was full of life.  Pray for Chicago.