Lavontay White - Toddler Shot On Facebook Live

Wednesday, February 15, 2017
Lavontay White is the toddler who was shot and killed on Facebook Live.  A man was also murdered and a pregnant woman was shot in an attack on Tuesday afternoon.  The incident occurred in North Lawndale, located on Chicago's West Side.  The three victims were in a car, parked in an alley, listening to music.

Another vehicle pulls up, a person gets out and starts shooting.  Facebook Live may need to be banned in Chicago.  The service has been used to film multiple crimes in the violent city.  While watching a murder in real-time is horrible, Facebook Live has helped police identify criminals.

Lavontay White Toddler Shot On Facebook Live
Lavontay White Toddler Shot On Facebook Live

Lavontay and a 26-year-old man in the vehicle were both shot in their heads.  The man's name will not be released until his family is notified.  The third victim was a pregnant female.  She was shot in her stomach.  Her and her unborn baby are both in fair condition.

The woman who was shot was Lavontay's aunt.  Chicago police are aware of an ongoing beef between the gunman and the 26-year-old.  The disturbing video shows the woman get shot and then run out the vehicle.  She runs into a house.  The woman is heard refusing to go to the hospital because she doesn't want to go to jail.  Pray for Chicago.