Judge Bae – Qiana Lillard, Donna Kosal

Social media has crowned Judge Qiana Lillard “Judge Bae.” The video at the end of this article shows the Detroit judge sentence Donna Kosal and another man in jail for laughing in her court room.  Amanda Kosal is a convicted drunk driver.  The 26-year-old killed Jerome Zirker and injured his fiancee, Brittany Johnson.

Jerome has five children.  His sister was reading a victim impact statement written by his kids when Judge Lillard noticed Amanda’s mother, Donna and another man laughing.

Judge Bae Qiana Lillard Donna Kosal
Judge Bae Qiana Lillard Donna Kosal

Judge Lillard threw Donna and the man out the courtroom.  She called them clowns and then had officers bring them back in the courtroom.  Judge Lillard sentenced Donna to 93 days in jail for contempt of court.  Donna slammed the courtroom door on her way out and you can hear her yelling in the video.

Donna Kosal
Donna Kosal

Donna only spent one day behind bars.  She apologized for her actions so Judge Lillard counted the one day as time served.

Watch the video below to see Judge Qiana Lillard transform into #JudgeBae.

Do you think #JudgeBae made the wrong decision by giving Donna a break?

We recently published a complete guide to 2017’s #Bae trend.  The guide included Hurt BaeStranded BaeSalt Bae and more.  We’ll add Judge Bae to the post to make the guide complete.


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