"Hidden Fences" Mishap Strikes Again

The 2017 Oscars are underway but there has already been a major flub. The Oscar nominated movies "Hidden Figures" (starring our girl Taraji P Henson) and "Fences" (starring Denzel Washington) have already been referred to as "Hidden Fences".  This is the SECOND time in the award season that this has happened.

The first was at the Golden Globes on the red carpet when Jenna Bush Hager was interviewing Pharrell Williams who was nominated for best original score for “Hidden Figures”. When Jenna accidentally referred to it as “Hidden Fences”, Pharrell gave a very confused look which was caught on camera. Later that night when Michael Keaton was presenting Golden Globe nominees he also used the title “Hidden Fences”. This time People Magazine editor in chief, Jess Cagle, made the same mistake on the red carpet (luckily both Jenna Bush Hager and Jess Cagle have apologized).

Hidden Fences Oscars
Hidden Fences Oscars

The incidents made people think about if the mash-up could have been avoided. Do these people not care enough to even get the names of two separate (that just so happens to have black leads) movies right? It is a prestigious award show meaning presentations should have been rehearsed and red carpet questions should have been carefully practiced before the big night to avoid any mistakes. Especially with something as simple, yet important, of a task such as getting the names right.

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