Sky From Black Ink Crew Snapchat Name

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Black Ink Crew is back and better than ever.  The season 5 premiere "Hail Ceaser!" starts with a party at Ceaser's new shop.  Ceaser appoints Teddy the executive manager of his shop on 113th Street.  Ceaser is taking over New York, one shop at a time.  The Black Ink Crew has come a very long way and Ceaser knows that the sky is the limit.

Speaking of Sky, she wasn't too happy after Ceaser appointed Teddy the executive manager.  She explains that Teddy hasn't been working hard and doesn't understand why Ceaser chose him instead of her.  Sky even says that if she had a BB gun, she would shoot both Teddy and Ceaser.  We believe her.

Sky from Black Ink Crew's Snapchat name is FlyyyTattedSky:

Sky From Black Ink Crew Snapchat Name
Sky From Black Ink Crew Snapchat Name

Sky isn't the only person that questions Ceaser's decision making.  Dutchess also calls Ceaser out for making the wrong decision.  She thinks Teddy may have pulled a Bill Cosby on Ceaser.  Dutchess thinks that Teddy will ruin the 113th shop.

Sky was born and raised in Harlem while Ted is from the Bronx.  Sky and Ted had a brief romantic relationship.  Despite their breakup, they're still close friends.  Ceaser's decision to appoint Ted the executive manager of the shop on 113th Street could cause beef between Sky and Ted.  

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