What Does 10.5 And 11 Mean On Snapchat Story?

If you see “10.5” or “11” on Snapchat it means the person who posted it wears a size 10.5 or 11 shoe.  The user posted their shoe size as a joke.  Everyone on Snapchat is playing relationship status games, so people are posting random numbers to confuse their followers.  When a user’s followers see the random number, they search the Internet for the meaning which does not exist.

Most guys wear a size 10.5 or 11, explaining why so many of them posted the number on their status messages.  Snapchat is getting more popular every day.  All my friends are playing the relationship status game proving that users can’t get enough of the app.  The company’s Spectacles are receiving positive reviews.

What Does 10.5 And 11 Mean On Snapchat Story?
What Does 10.5 And 11 Mean On Snapchat Story?

Spectacles are Snapchat’s new smart glasses.  The video below shows teenagers reacting to the Spectacles.

Snapchat is the only company introducing innovative products that make teenagers react like elders.  The video above shows how much people love the new glasses.  Users are meeting the company half way.  Like attracts like and innovation attracts innovation.  The video below shows a doctor using the smart glasses to teach medical students how to perform surgeries.

The Spectacles enable users to capture unforgettable moments without having to rely on their phones.  The app has introduced new social media trends and we can’t wait to see how people use the Spectacles.  The future belongs to Snapchat!

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