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Tuesday, December 27, 2016
Scroll to the Instagram video to hear Mariah Lynn's song "Physical"!

Mariah Lynn performed the new track on Love and Hip Hop New York episode 7 season 7, "Secret's Out." The song features rapper, DJ Jayhood.  The song is a hit! It's good to see Mariah Lynn focusing on her music.  Cisco Rosado is constantly trying to use her to get back at members of the Creep Squad but Mariah Lynn isn't having it this season.

DJ Self doesn't want Cisco working with Mariah Lynn.  There's no trust between the members of the Creep Squad.  Cisco and DJ Self end up arguing over Mariah Lynn after she performs "Physical."

Mariah Lynn Physical Song Love And Hip Hop New York
Mariah Lynn Physical Song Love And Hip Hop New York

DJ Self refuses to shake Cisco's hand and he calls Cisco out for being a habitual line-stepper.

Habitual Line Stepper
Habitual Line Stepper

Rich Dollaz told DJ Self that Cisco is trying to go behind his back and work with Mariah Lynn.  Cisco tells DJ Self that he was planning to get Mariah Lynn a deal and include the DJ in the contract.  DJ Self tells Cisco that he wouldn't be able to help him and Mariah Lynn because he's not even able to get in Power 105.1, Self's radio station.

Earlier in the episode, Self made Cisco miss his interview.  Check out Mariah Lynn's new song, "Physical":

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