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Thursday, December 22, 2016
Jonathan Fernandez is K. Michelle's makeup artist.  In episode 1 of K. Michelle: My Life season 3, "Between a Tour and a Hard Place" we see K. Michelle take a break from her tour.  When you work as hard as K. Michelle, you're not able to take a true break.  During the singer's time off, she works on one of her recent investments, a new restaurant.

Jonathan and K. Michelle's friend, P. London get in an argument after the event doesn't go as planned.  We all need a friend like Jonathan.  He always has K. Michelle's back.  This season, we'll see their bond grow stronger.  K. Michelle finally has some free time now that she's done with her tour.

Jonathan Fernandez K. Michelle Meme
Jonathan Fernandez K. Michelle Meme 

True friends say good things behind your back and bad things to your face.  Fernandez never hesitates to call K. Michelle out when she is wrong and he never talks trash about her behind her back.

The tweet above proves that Jonathan is a fan favorite for multiple reasons.

Jonathan Fernandez K. Michelle Meme
Jonathan Fernandez K. Michelle Meme

Jonathan has been K. Michelle's advisor for the last few years and he's always delivering life lessons.  If it wasn't for Jonathan, K. Michelle would work nonstop.  Hernandez persuades her to maintain a balanced life.
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