Who is leaving How To Get Away With Murder? Which character is under the sheet, dead? This article contains spoilers.  On episode 8 of season 3, “No More Blood” we see Frank Delfino return.  He’s shaken up when he hears Laurel tell Wes that she loves him.  Many believe that the character under the sheet is either Frank or Nate.

Is Nate Under The Sheet On #HTGAWM?

In the first episode of How To Get Away With Murder season 3, Annalise is hysterical after she peeks under the sheet.  Her reaction makes it clear that the person she sees is definitely someone she cares about.  “No More Blood” shows Frank holding a gun to his chin, contemplating suicide.

Who Is Leaving How To Get Away With Murder? Who Is Dead Under The Sheet Spoilers
Who Is Leaving How To Get Away With Murder? Who Is Dead Under The Sheet? Spoilers

Frank is responsible for the murder of Annalise’s unborn child, ruining her life.  She can care less if he commits suicide and would be happy if he was dead.  Bonnie tells Frank to put the gun down but Annalise advise him to kill himself.  Considering the fact that she wants Frank dead, she wouldn’t be hysterical if he was the dead person she saw under the sheet.

Frank #HTGAWM Suicide Gun
Frank #HTGAWM Suicide Gun

If Annalise saw Frank dead under the sheet her reaction would be more like this:

Annalise Dancing
Annalise Dancing

While we’ll miss Nate, we’re glad Frank is still alive!

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