When Will 'Empire' Return? The World Series Has Delayed The Lyons

Like every year on Fox, the World Series has delayed new episodes of our favorite shows — including Empire. After all, the MLB championship only happens once every October and this year, the Cubs or the Indians have the chance to win it all for the first time in ages. But that means the continuing saga of Empire Entertainment and the Lyon family is currently on hold. So when will Empire return, especially now that the Cubs have forced a 7th and final game of the World Series? I'm happy to tell you it will definitely be next week.

When Will Empire Return?
When Will Empire Return?

I mean, there was a chance that a new episode of Empire could've aired this week, had the Cleveland Indians locked down the World Series title. But those Cubs came back to win and tied up the series 3-3, forcing a decisive Game 7 in a Best of Seven series. That means there can't be more games than seven and thus this is the final game. Empire will definitely return next week to the relief of fans everywhere.

As for the World Series, it should be a grand and long-awaited celebration for either Chicago or Cleveland either way.

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