What Was Burning At The End Of Walking Dead?

Monday, November 14, 2016
What was burning at the end of The Walking Dead? Michonne saw a stack of burning mattresses at the end of episode 4, season 7, "Service." The burning mattresses made her upset because Negan and Associates took them from Alexandria despite the fact that they didn't need them.  They took them, stacked them down the street and set them on fire.

The Walking Dead's fourth episode of season 7 has led many fans to hate Negan even more than before.  Although they didn't need the mattresses, Negan is constantly playing psychological games to discourage people.  Negan and his Saviors get to Alexandria early to terrorize the survivors.

What Was Burning At The End Of Walking Dead?
What Was Burning At The End Of Walking Dead?

Daryl is shown and it looks like Negan has finally got the best of him.  The physical and mental torture is beginning to show.  Rick is named the leader of Alexandria yet he's been broken by Negan's negative treatment.  He's forced to inform the people that Negan is now in control of Alexandria.

In addition to the mattresses, Negan and his people took people's medicine and weapons.  Hopefully the people of Alexandria will be able to handle Negan's psychological warfare.  The will to win will always overcome any circumstances.

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