Friday, November 18, 2016

What Does Nick Gordon Do For A Living?

So, what does Nick Gordon do for a living? When Whitney Houston was alive, Nick's full time job was looking after Bobbi Kristina.  Following Whitney Houston's death, Gordon and Bobbi got engaged yet Houston's family members claim that Bobbi lied about being engaged to Nick.  During a 2015 interview with Dr. Phil, it was clear that Nick was not mentally stable.

A judge recently ordered Gordon to pay $36 million in Bobbi Kristina Brown's civil case.  Although Nick doesn't have the money to pay the judgment he should have showed up to court to try to clear his name.  He showed up to multiple interviews with Dr. Phil yet he didn't show up to court.  Gordon's priorities were not in order.

What Does Nick Gordon Do For A Living?
What Does Nick Gordon Do For A Living?

Does Nick Gordon Have A Job?

Gordon does not have a job.  After Whitney Houston invited him into her family she raised him like a son.  In the following interview with Dr. Phil, Nick explains that Whitney and Bobbi were very lonely and they trusted him.  He explains that he was a junior in high school when he moved in but he eventually stopped attending school.

When Nick initially moved in he was working at Lifetime Fitness center but Whitney convinced him to quit.  Gordon was essentially the full-time man of the house.  We're hoping he gets the help he needs.

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