We McDonald Father

We McDonald's father is her biggest influence.  The pair have a strong bond that reminds us of BeyoncΓ©'s bond with her father, Mathew Knowles.  Similar to BeyoncΓ©, We's father is her manager.  The Voice star has explained that her father's support is never ending.  Hopefully their bond will be strong enough to handle McDonald's potential fame.

McDonald put on for Team Alicia with her unforgettable "Take Me to Church" performance.  Scroll to the video below to see the performance.  If she doesn't win the competition, we're sure she'll find success alongside Alicia Keys.  The award-winning singer adores McDonald and they share numerous similarities.

Here's a photo of the singer and her dad:

We McDonald Father
We McDonald Father

In the Instagram post below We reveals that she's the youngest of 6 children.  Her and her father are at Universal Studios preparing to take a CityWalk.  In the caption she refers to herself as "Daddy's Little Girl" but she doesn't want him to give her a kiss while she's filming.  You have to love the adorable moment:

In the following post, McDonald explains that her father is her manager and main source of annoyance.  The two occupations go hand-in-hand but hopefully they'll be able to maintain a positive relationship.

Check out We perform "Take Me to Church":

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