Tara Walking Dead Pregnant?

Tara Chambler on The Walking Dead is played by actress Alanna Masterson.  Last year, Tara was pregnant while filming the series.  Alanna and her boyfriend, Brick Stowell, welcomed an adorable baby girl on November 5, 2015.  The Walking Dead‘s fans can be brutal and some complained that the actress looked fat while she was pregnant on the series.

The show’s talented team used a variety of strategies to hide the actress’ baby bump.  They placed object in front of her stomach and had her cross her arms.  Pregnancy is happy news to work around and the show’s directors did a wonderful job.

Tara Walking Dead Pregnant?
Tara Walking Dead Pregnant?

In episode 6 of The Walking Dead‘s seventh season, we catch up with Tara and Heath.  Tara ends up getting knocked off a bridge full of zombies.  Later, she washes up on the shore of a new community.  Two girls find her and one of them, Rachel, wants to kill Tara.  Luckily, the other girl, Cyndie, doesn’t let Rachel take Tara’s life.

Tara follows Cyndie back to her house.  Later, Tara is captured and questioned by the community’s leaders.  Was this the funniest scene of season 7?

In an attempt to act covert, Tara explains that she worked on a fishing boat.  The community’s leaders know she’s lying.  They want her to stay but Tara wants to return to Alexandria.

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