Steve Harvey Son In Law Kareem Hawthrone

Wednesday, November 02, 2016
Steve Harvey's son-in-law, Kareem Hawthrone is being accused of scamming Morehouse and Spelman College alumni with $4,000 VIP packages.  Hawthrone runs the company, T-12 Entertainment.  The company promised that the packages would include an amazing night of bottle popping at the Georgia Aquarium located in Atlanta.

The alumni students claim that the liquor at the event was watered down and instead of couches they were forced to sit on IKEA futons.  They further complained that they were unable to see the aquarium's underwater animals because it was too dark.  The theme of the event was "Party With The Sharks" yet partygoers complain that there were no sharks in the water.

Steve Harvey Son In Law Kareem Hawthrone
Steve Harvey Son In Law Kareem Hawthrone

Morgan and Kareem got married on October 12, 2013.  Morgan attended Spelman while Hakeem attended Morehouse.  They met back in 2006.  At the time, Morgan was a sophomore.  Kareem's fraternity hosted the Miss Black and Gold pageant which Morgan participated in.

Hopefully Morgan will stand by her man's side through this drama.  Partygoers had a long list of complaints.  They claim that the music was horrible and the DJ unplugged his computer in the middle of his set and decided to leave.  According to rumors, Hawthrone made over $300,000 in profit.  Do you think Steve will bail his son-in-law out of this one?

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