Song From Walking Dead Season 7 Petra Haden

Tuesday, November 08, 2016
Scroll to the YouTube video below to listen to the song from The Walking Dead, "Easy Street." The track is by The Collapsable Hearts Club featuring Petra Haden and Jim Bianco.  Haden is a very talented violinist who has been a member of numerous bands.  The 45-year-old was born in New York City and has recorded with the Foo Fighters, Weezer, Green Day and more.

Bianco is a singer and songwriter who was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York.  His 2013 album, Cookie Cutter was featured on NPR's news program, All Things Considered.  Bianco wrote "Easy Street" and was surprised when The Walking Dead's producers contacted him about using the song in the show.

Song From Walking Dead Season 7 Petra Haden
Song From Walking Dead Season 7 Petra Haden

Petra and Jim were both very excited to hear their annoying masterpiece on the series.  In the Facebook post below, Haden reveals that she's the beautiful voice on the track:

I tortured my BFF with the track earlier today.  He didn't see the episode, so he was very confused when I started playing it.  After the first 20 seconds of the song he turned off my car radio and made me promise to never play the song again.

Jim Bianco posted the Facebook update above.  The singer reveals that the track is currently #21 on iTunes.  We're guessing it'll be number 1 by the end of the week.  Jim should call Drake to record a remix of the song.

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