Samantha Mom Love And Hip Hop Kim Wallace

Samantha’s mom, Kim Wallace, was seen in the previews for Love and Hip Hop‘s third episode of season 7, “Chest Pains.” In the episode, Yandy Smith tries to keep the peace within the family yet rumors about Samantha lead to drama.  Samantha is seen explaining the family’s problems to her mother, Kim.

Samantha tells Kim that Yandy needs to learn her place as the stepmother to Samantha’s son.  We then see Yandy talking to Kim about the situation.  Yandy reveals that Mendeecees’ mother, Judy told her that Samantha hasn’t been fulfilling her duties as a mother.  Kim loses her temper and flips the table.

Samantha Mom Love And Hip Hop Kim Wallace
Samantha Mom Love And Hip Hop Kim Wallace

Not certain what Yandy said to make Kim throw the table!?

The preview then shows Judy and Kim arguing.  Kim claims that she just wants everyone to be honest but Judy doesn’t want to hear it.  She calls her out and then Kim grabs her chest.  She appears to be having a heart attack.  At the end of the preview we see the paramedics carry her to the back of the ambulance.

Love and Hip Hop New York is typically all fun and games but Kim’s health issues seem serious.  We’re hoping she regains her strength and feels better.

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